Welcome to my blog!  Salty & Sweet is how I would best describe myself.  Salty, like biting into a potato chip from the bottom of the bag.  You love it,but it makes you pucker your lips a little.  That’s like me.  Pretty likeable, but not exactly loveable.  I’m sarcastic, quick-witted, dry and sometimes a little too much.  Until, you really get to know me that is!  Behind that saltiness is the sweet side.  The loyal, loving and caring part.  My cooking comes from the sweet side and shows my love for taking care of others.

Salty and Sweet also has a kitschy little story attached to it.  When my husband and I traveled to Italy several years ago, we were taking a train from Rome to Venice.  We did not plan very well and were carrying tons of luggage with us, so getting on and off the train was a feat.  When we finally made it and were settled, a steward perused the aisles and provided snacks.  My husband and I are both Italian, but born in the United States.  We speak some Italian, but not much!  The steward asked us what kind of snack we wanted, “Dolce o salato?” We responded, “Si!”  So, he patiently asked again.  And we responded, “Si!”  Finally, frustrated with us both, he left both sweet and salty snacks for us and cursed us under his breath.  Dumb Americans!  Anyway, little did he know that we really did want both kinds of snacks but just could not communicate it properly.


Gina Giorgianni a 2003 graduate of Cornell University with a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations.  After working in the insurance business for 9 years in New York City, she decided to change careers and pursued a Masters in Education from The College of St. Elizabeth.  She is currently a Special Education Teacher at Morris Knolls H.S. in Rockaway, New Jersey and resides in Long Valley, NJ with her husband, Carmen.